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PROSERV delivering chemicals to enhance hydrocarbon production and minimize any damage at all costs. We understand our client’s demands and with years of experience by working with the best oil production companies to enhance the lifecycle of oil and gas.

PROSERV chemical products have advance capabilities to increase oil and gas production that can be purchased easily at economical prices.

We deliver high quality chemical substances which pass through the best product testing process for offshore and onshore downhole operations.

Product Details

PROSERV providing the finest chemicals to increase your profitability, production and maximize performance by reducing production costs.

We supply a complete line of chemicals for demulsification products and corrosion inhibitors for enhancing the best oil production. 


PROSERV inhibitors form a protective barrier that prevents abrasion or erosion and slows any damage on metals.

We provide satisfactory results with the best inhibitors that protect structures from high-velocity flow or extreme pressure.


PROSERV supplies high-quality Demulsifiers to assist in separating oil from water or other produced fluids. We have a wide range of Demulsifiers for oil in water suspension that can help to extract multiple components.

PROSERV chemicals help in all major demulsification stages including Flocculation, Water Drop, Solids Wetting, and Coalescence by providing integral products with exceptional services.

Mud and Cement

PROSERV is not only limited to advance chemicals distribution services, we provide high quality oil-well cement and mud to use for oil and gas in shale and geological formations.

The cement PROSERV supply is designed to meet extreme pressure and temperature for all complex industrial challenges. We deliver the best mud and cement which has high sulfate resistance, low viscosity and strength to meet all requirements.