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PROSERV fluid shut-off products designed to stop the flow of a hazardous fluid or external hydrocarbons (gases) upon the detection of a dangerous event. This provides protection against possible harm to people, equipment or the environment.

PROSERV brings best fluid shut-off products for oil and gas operations which includes collar stop, pack off and spacers, equalizing assembly and tubing stop.

     1. Collar Stop

PROSERV collar stop helps to provide a solid footing and/or anchor in tubing collars.

Product Features:

The legs of the tool are held in place by the trip wires, when the desired depth/collar is reached, pulling upward will release the trip wires, then jarring down will set the collar stop in place and release the running tool.

Product Application:

The Collar Stop is designed to locate in the collar recess of API upset and non-upset tubing.

By lowering the collar stop to the desired depth and lifting upward, the latch springs are tripped allowing the stop arms to expand into the collar recess.

Downward jarring on the inner mandrel pushes it down behind the collar stop arms locking them into place in the collar recess.

     2. Pack off and Spacers

The main functions of PROSERV pack off and spacers are to separate the cement slurry from the drilling fluid, to assist in displacement of the drilling fluid, and to condition the walls of the wellbore for effective cement bonding.

Our pack off and spacers are designed to work chemically with drilling fluids and cement slurries by preventing channeling between these fluids.

     3. Equalizing Assembly

PROSERV equalizing assembly products can eliminate sand bridges and natural gas hydrates within your oil and gas well.

Our equalizing assembly products helps to maintain safe and stable pressure by optimizing subsurface flow to keep oil and gas site operations smooth and harmless.

PROSERV can provide T-style choke assembly, Otis style A choke assembly and, Baker style B choke assembly and Baker style G equalizing assembly.

     4. Tubing Stop

PROSERV Tubing Stop is designed for use in integral joint tubing strings where a coupling recess is not available. It is used primarily as an anchoring device in pack-off applications.

Product Detail

Tubing stop can be used to act as a lower stop for downhole devices and can be used as an upper stop to secure tools so that they do not travel up the well.

Tubing stop PROSERV product available in various parts which include:

      • External Fish Neck or Internal Fish Neck
      • Heavy Wall or High Expansion configuration
      • Flow Bypass through the Fish Neck
      • Threaded Lower Connection to carry Gauges
      • Spring Activated Slips
      • Shear out Ratchet Lock Ring to prevent release in High Flow Wells

Product Features:

      • Set anywhere in tubing.
      • Run and pulled with standard GS or standard External Fish Neck Pulling Tools.
      • Multiple Configurations available to suit particular oil and gas applications.