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Hydraulic systems use fluid pressure to power a pump. That is done by pumping fluids downhole using a triplex pump designed for extremely high pressure, usually between approximately 2,000 and 5,000 psi. Hydraulic lift system pumps are flexible, and are useful for wells that are producing any volume, from low to high.

PROSERV hydraulic lifts have higher production volumes than mechanical lift pumps. PROSERV works with an innovative solution for oil and gas field production process at highest level.  Our hydraulic lift system products work for downhole and we also offer a wide range of surface equipment.

     1. Downhole

PROSERV supply all types of downhole oil products to give you the best experience and optimum results. We have tools for drilling, lifting and well logging with planned maintenance services.

PROSERV helps to supply the best products for Oil and Gas refining to maximize production and minimize expenses.

The downhole products we supply helps to increase the flow rate of production and satisfy our client’s goals.

Our Downhole products includes Jet Pumps and X-Locks.

  • Jet Pumps

Hydraulic Downhole jet pumps are a proven means of artificial lift that have been used for generations in the production of oil and gas.

Jet pumps are utilized for high volume initial production and well unloading with high rates as an additional to gas lift systems.

PROSERV jet pumps offer great benefits for running multiple wells from a single manifold and professionally handles high volumes of returning frac fluids.

Downhole Jet Pumps Feature:

      • No moving parts downhole
      • Proprietary software provides formation monitoring and performance optimization
      • Easy retrieval and onsite maintenance
      • Versatility for multiple well pad applications
      • Handle high volumes of fluids
      • Operates efficiently in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells
      • Can be wireline or hydraulically retrieved
      • Can take returns up the casing (conventional) or up the tubing (reverse flow).
  • X-Lock


To locate and lock a variety of subsurface controls in the desired corresponding nipple profiles.


The “X” lock mandrels have internal fishing necks, their components are:

      • Fish Neck
      • Expander Sleeve
      • Key Retainer Sleeve
      • Packing Mandrel
      • Key Springs
      • Keys
      • Packing Assembly.

Product Function:

The “X” lock mandrels with the flow control components are designed for the “X” seating nipples installed in standard weight tubing. These lock mandrels similar in design are selective, this is made possible by their running tools.

The lock mandrels maybe installed in any one of multiple seating nipples installed in the tubing string of comparable size.

Once the desired nipple has been located in the tubing string these mandrels are mechanically locked. This is done by driving the expander sleeve behind the keys, holding the mandrel in a locked position.

Running tool required is “X”

Pulling tool required is “GS” or “GR”.

     2. Surface Equipment

The surface connection of the wellbore is in a cross shape, a series of valves installed on the wellhead to control the flow of fluids from the well.

There are many types and designs to suit the wellsite and reservoir fluid conditions.

Wellhead pressure, fluid type, corrosive content, temperature and available space, are some of the parameters affecting the choice of valve design and specification.


Well pumps are used for fracturing, acidizing, cementing, well control, and circulating operations.


PROSERV TRIPLEX & QUINTUPLEX PUMP are the most versatile, time effective and economical solution for high pressure cutting, removing, cleaning, Descaling, Testing and Spraying.

PROSERV TRIPLEX & QUINTUPLEX PUMP are meant for high- and low-pressure volume applications. They give efficiency of more than 90% which is extremely high compared to other pumps.

PROSERV Well Pump products utilizes a power end plunger between the fluid end plunger and the crosshead.

The power end plunger cycles through the power end only, and the fluid end plunger cycles through the fluid end only, no surface exposed to pump ever comes in contact with a power end seal.

For all fluid end plunger sizes, the power end plunger is always larger in diameter and better than centrifugal pumps.


PROSERV TRIPLEX & QUINTUPLEX PUMP ranges from range of 1 (HP to 1000 HP), Pressure up to 2000 PSI and Flow rate up to 4000 LPM.


The PROSERV Dual Vessel Power Fluid Cleaning Unit consists of a complete power fluid cleaning system packaged on a single skid for maximum accessibility in transporting and installing.

All equipment and controls are fully connected, ready for operation at any time.

Product Function:

PROSERV offer a complete line of floating piston and rodded transfer vessels.

These vessels can be used for Petroleum Core Flooding experiments, Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, PVT experiments, Catalysis, Polymerization, Oxidation, Hydrogenations, and other Reactor studies.

In an experiment where multiple fluids or phases are to be injected into the system, a series of accumulators are installed into the system and then only one metering pump is required to inject the fluids in sequence.

These vessels also protect the metering pumps from highly corrosive or high brine liquids, so that the precision metering pump is not damaged.


These vessels have several unique features.

The bronze end caps are used to prevent friction between similar metals. The seal and end plug design allow for hand tight operation of the vessel.

This feature allows easy assembly and disassembly of the vessel for cleaning and examination.

The piston material can be Teflon, which prevents any galling from occurring between the piston and the honed cylinder wall.

    • High Pressure Pipe Cleaning Products

PROSERV offers General parts and reliable ultra-high-pressure cleaning of pipes under extreme conditions.

Widely different surfaces and materials must be cleaned regularly so that continuous processes and safety are ensured during operation.

Sieve and Filter Cleaning

The functional capability of strainers and filters depends essentially on the state of their surfaces. They must therefore be constantly cleaned.

Pipe Cleaning

Pipes have important functions everywhere in industry. To fulfil these functions, their flow continuity must be ensured.

    • Liquid Flow Meter for Clean Gas

PROSERV provides best liquid flow meters for gas and oil filtering procedures.

Liquid flow meters can provide high accuracy and good choice when ruggedness is needed. They can perform well under extreme conditions.

Product Function:

The meters provide highly accurate and repeatable measurement of oils, water and some chemicals.

Turbine flow meters excel at measuring clean, steady and medium-to-high speed flows of low-viscosity fluids, particularly those found in “pump-intensive” oil field environments.

They maintain measurement accuracy and mechanical integrity in the corrosive and abrasive fluids commonly employed in oil and gas production and many other industries.

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