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PROSERV provides customers with best completion accessories linked with Top Oil and Map Oil tools.

Our products help to make lifting functions easier and safer for oil and gas companies. Our best and advanced products help to provide assistance for rigging and lifting procedures.

     1. Top Oil Tools

PROSERV providing top quality top oil tools for several years. Dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We deliver finest top oil products on time by helping our customers to strengthen their company and enhances their oil/gas operations.

PROSERV offers best top oil tools including nipples, sliding sleeves and wire line plugs.

    • Nipples

Landing and seating nipples are no-go devices with a reduced bore smaller than the tubing internal diameter. They prevent flow control tools from passing through and are available for single and dual completions.

PROSERV Nipples are available with several sizes, thread connections, and pressure ratings are available for landing, locking, and sealing locks with attached flow control devices in the production tubing for completion procedures.


    • Sliding Sleeves

Our sliding sleeves designed for selective production control need for intrusive well intervention.

PROSERV offer sliding sleeves products are high performance and assist to allow communication between flow control system and tubing. PROSERV can supply sliding sleeves that has sealing and equalizing features including non-elastomeric, hydraulic and Slcm.

Our sliding sleeves products make it easier for oil and gas companies to choose the best, fit-for-purpose completion solutions.

    • Wire Line Plugs

Wireline is a cabling technology used to lower equipment or measuring devices into a well for the purposes of well interventions and reservoir evaluation.

PROSERV wireline plugs are best to control sliding sleeves for opening and closing, they can help to improve the downhole and well depth measurement systems.

     2. Map Oil Tools

PROSERV offer the highest quality standard service production and completion products for the upstream oil & gas industry.

From cement retainers to bridge and circulating plugs, our products help to increase performance and they are highly reliable tools for maintaining PROSERV highest-quality standard in oil/gas industry.

    • Cement Retainers

PROSERV supplies bets cement retainer products to well service companies supporting the upstream oil and gas industry.

PROSERV provides best cement retainers including accessories, wireline and mechanical tubing set.

    • Bridge Plugs

Bridge Plugs are downhole tools composed of slips, mandrel and an elastomer sealing element. It is run in hole and set in casing to isolate a lower zone from an upper zone. It may be installed to permanently seal a well or installed temporarily to preform work on the well.

PROSERV can provide best bridge plugs including hydromechanical, premium plugs for high/low pressure and are excellent resistance to downhole chemicals.

    • Circulating Plug

Hold pressure from below and allow flow from above. Used to plug formation pressure in the tubing string while providing adequate flow area for pumping into the formation.

PROSERV can provide circulating plugs that are best in the market and comes in affordable prices.

Product Application

Directional flow control device in single and dual completions.

Product Features

    • Field proven design.
    • Available in various sizes and shapes.
    • Provides temporary pressure control in floating wells.
    • Eliminates the requirement to apply pressure above the plug.