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Best Forex Trading App November 2022 Top Apps Revealed

What’s important to note is that selecting the best forex trading app will have a significant impact on your trading performance. If you have an iOS or Android smartphone and need an account to exercise your recently learned trading skills, the majority of applications can meet your needs. However, good ol’ MT4 is still the dominant trading platform in the forex industry. This is because it’s been there for such a long time and people have gotten used to it. First of all, most brokers support MT4, which means that mastering this platform will allow you to trade through most forex brokerages. Since forex trading is a game of good timing, it literally pays to be able to make trades wherever you want and whenever you are.

best forex trading app

Similarly to all other investments, forex trading comes with a high number of risks and retail investors may lose all their money if they get carried away. Forex trading is a good way to make a lot of money provided you are an exceptionally skilled forex trader and/or you have a vast amount of money to invest. Nevertheless, do not expect to get rich overnight when you start trading forex. Generally, to start trading, you need to create an account and deposit some amount, depending on which broker you use. However, if you are a complete beginner, we recommend that you register a demo account or use the tutorial apps to learn about the mechanisms and specifics of trading.

This guide outlines the best apps used to trade Forex from a smartphone. The daily volatility of forex markets presents attractive opportunities to capture profits. Timothy Li is a consultant, accountant, and finance manager with an MBA from USC and over 15 years of corporate finance experience. Timothy has helped provide CEOs and CFOs with deep-dive analytics, providing beautiful stories behind the numbers, graphs, and financial models. The sweet experience of learning I haven’t experienced since my days in vocational high school.

Interactive Brokers (Android App / iOS App)

If you’re based in Asia, you will likely fall within the remit of MAS . All of the forex apps listed on this page are licensed by at least one regulator. As such, your funds will be held in segregated bank accounts, and you will need to provide ID before a withdrawal is permitted. EToro has quickly made a name for itself in the online brokerage scene. Launched as recently as 2007, the platform now serves over 12 million traders from a variety of countries. Although the broker is best known for its stocks and shares offerings, eToro is involved in a range of other asset classes.

  • Irrespective of whether you go for AvaTradeGO or a third-party app, AvaTrade gives you access to dozens of forex pairs.
  • The FX offering is competitive, giving you access to over 80 pairs and low spreads.
  • There’s also a convenient Economic Calendar of important events and news feed for the latest currency news.
  • And what better way to keep a finger on the market’s pulse than having a trading machine in your pocket at all times.
  • EToro is unquestionably the world leader when it comes to copy trading, which is a great way to learn and profit at the same time.
  • You can also enter a trailing stop or lower bound either by PIPS or by price. is a well-established forex trading service provider founded in 2001 and a part of the StoneX financial group. Going by the name alone, one would probably be thinking that there isn’t a better place to trade currencies than on The truth is, it isn’t just the name that makes it one of the profitable moving average forex strategiess out there. The article includes only the best forex trading app solutions and forex brokers with a proven history, transparent terms, and sufficient trading functionalities. It is a good starting point to narrow down the most competitive options on the market and ease your way into finding the best forex trading app solution provider tailored to your needs.

Some apps may also include training materials for the technical side of trading. Others may include a social aspect such as copy trading or forum discussions. These features allow for the sharing of trading strategies and market opinions. Of course, performing technical analysis on your phone will be difficult. But, we found that the best forex trading app providers have optimized their application to ensure you can perform analysis on a smaller screen without being hindered. This is inclusive of in-depth guides and educational videos, as well as regular webinars and seminars.

FP Markets

The Platform includes exciting lessons about Forex markets and numerous pro tips from experienced traders. Keeping away from fraudsters is the first step towards becoming a successful forex trader, but there are so many scams that it’s easy to power trend broker mix up the good with the bad. Make sure you know how to spot a forex broker scam before you dive into the market with a substantial amount of money. Nothing beats the real deal, and a demo account can’t fully prepare you for the real market.

Again, this is just the result of a broker trying to abide by regulations, but other brokers have the same rules and they seem to handle any issues much faster than In some instances, traders have had to resort to online review sites in order to get an adequate response. As probably can be expected with a broker this size, suffers from some issues with customer service.

best forex trading app

No matter what platform you use, you have to pay attention to how much your broker is charging you per trade. If your trading strategies involve making a lot of transactions to take advantage of small price movements, commissions and spread costs could eat up a lot of your profit. Forex brokers typically just make their money from spreads so I judged the brokers based on average spreads on the most popular currency pairs. Investing with no other fee means 1-2% additional returns every year. Seamless integrated investment on mobile, desktop, web or use our developer APIs.

What app do most forex traders use?

Few things are more fun than drawing charts on your phone, and that’s where takes the cake. Like some other names on this list, offers MT4 along with its own mobile platform – which is the more popular choice among users. The app is only available in English and is optimized for iOS and Android. Some older platforms like MT4 have a rare tendency to slow down or freeze, which is unacceptable for the fast-paced work that forex traders do. The app is top-notch when it comes to accessibility and reliability but its functions are somewhat limited compared to the web version. Unlike the desktop platform, IG’s mobile app only allows you to set price alerts.

You can even copy the entire portfolio of the most successful traders, or just their Forex portfolio if they have one. TradingView is so good that many other major stock trading resources such Investopedia are integrated carry trade forex with TradingView for Forex trading analysis on Mac and PC. It also allows you to connect it to major brokers such as Oanda, TradeStation and FXCM so you can trade via TradingView from your Mac desktop.

best forex trading app

If you don’t rely too much on charting, AvaTradeGo is an incredible trading app. New forex traders in particular will love the simplicity, educational resources, and risk mitigation tools. If you’re not based in the US, sign up with AvaTrade to start using the cleanest, simplest forex trading app on the market. Get easy access to Cryptocurrencies, Stock Indices, Commodities and Forex markets from a single account. Be one step ahead and Improve your trading results with our industry-leading technology.

EToro doesn’t charge any fees related to stock or ETF transactions, and their 1% crypto transaction fee is the lowest we’ve found among regulated broker sites. SoFi is the best Forex broker for those who don’t have time to manage their investments. Clients can choose among 10+ low-cost portfolios; all of which are freely managed by the latest AI software. Although their offices are closed on weekends; you’ll have access to fast, highly qualified agents on a 24/5 basis. Over their first 15 years as a Forex brokerage, XTB has gained the trust and loyalty of 500,000+ retail investors. They don’t allow depositors who fund their accounts with less than $2,000 to begin trading, which could be off-putting for those not willing to stake much capital.

According to research from the Bank for International Settlements, forex trading generates an estimated $5.3 trillion daily – making it larger than other financial markets. Often, it’s dominated by large international banks and corporations, which work around the clock to trade and convert international currencies. The best forex trading applications are available to download to your smartphone. The app offers access to global financial markets and business news, market price data, and portfolio tracking tools. App-based trading is now offered by most forex brokers even if you don’t have an account set up with their main platform. Trading forex has never been easier for individuals, who can now trade on the go in real time using fully-functional mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

Moreover, there is no two-step authentication or face/fingertip ID recognition. As you might’ve noticed, humanity has mastered the craft of making big computers smaller. The complex forex trading software you needed a desktop computer for before will now work perfectly on your phone – without losing any functionality. Lucky for us, it just turns out this is a good time to use such apps.

How to choose the best forex trading apps

Our research focuses heavily on the broker’s custody of client deposits and the breadth of its client offering. Safety is evaluated by quality and length of the broker’s track record, plus the scope of regulatory standing. Beginner Forex traders can dive into the currency market with next to nothing upfront. While minimum deposit requirements will vary among online brokers; eToro has gained popularity for their $10 account minimums. Although customer support is something you hope you’ll never need, the safest Forex brokers won’t leave you stranded.

Being able to trade these exotic pairs without spreads is one of the many reasons why Libertex is so popular. An excellent overall service level is required to make it to the BrokerChooser list of best brokers in any category. In addition, all service providers included in our list are reliable brokers. When it comes to forex trading and forex brokers, some criteria weigh more heavily in our methodology. In terms of exotics, these are forex pairs that contain at least one emerging currency – such as the Turkish lira. Crucially, it’s best to check what pairs are supported before opening an account with your chosen forex trading app.

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