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You must also be able to lie

It turns out that children who lie and do not come across have a good working memory. Scientists have found: the better the verbal (verbal) working memory of the child is better developed, the more subtly he is able to circle those around him.

Dr. Tracy Elloway, associate professor of the psychology of the University of North Florida, together with colleagues conducted an experiment in which 137 children aged 6-7 years took part. To begin with, they were tested for verbal work memory. Then they were given cards on which questions were written. The children knew that on the back of the cards in different colors the answers to these questions were written, as well as a picture. The experimenters asked the children not to peep and left the room.

A hidden camera was installed in the room, with which researchers could see which of the children looked at the back of the card. When the children answered

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the question, those who spied, gave the right answer. Scientists then asked them the question-“trap”: They asked. what color was the answer on the back. Children with a weak verbal working memory answered him correctly, betraying themselves. Those who possessed a developed verbal working memory specially answered incorrectly to hide their deception.

Children were also tested for visual and spatial memory. In this case, there was no connection between this type of memory and the ability to lie and notice traces – obviously, precisely because the lie involves the ability to process verbal information, and not the visual.

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